Our Mission

The Fellowship’s mission is to attract, develop, and support aspiring school systems leaders from diverse backgrounds to be the catalysts for transforming public education to ensure that all students across the country have access to excellent educational opportunities.

Fellowship components

  • Placement in a full-time, high-impact systems role: Fellows spend at least one year working in full-time, paid roles in placement partner school systems at the cabinet or sub-cabinet level (no more than 2-3 rungs from the Superintendent), overseeing high-priority initiatives, with management responsibilities.

  • Individualized executive coaching: Fellows receive support from an executive coach, including the creation of an individual development plan based on 360˚ feedback as well as frequent check-in calls.

  • Programming: Fellows participate in five cohort-based seminars across the year. During these seminars, which take place in different cities across the country, fellows learn the key concepts of school system improvement strategy, gain exposure to promising practices and ideas, meet with leaders in the field, participate in school visits to see strong models in action, bring forth examples of their own work for consultation, and receive practical training tailored to their particular needs. The Fellowship believes that effectiveness as a system-level leader in any functional area requires foundational knowledge of what high-quality teaching and learning looks like and the related building blocks. Therefore the Fellowship devotes a good deal of seminar time to the content and skills required to expertly implement, manage, and improve instruction.

  • Ongoing Career Support: Fellows work with staff before, during, and after the Fellowship to think through their career arc and help ensure they are on a path to a cabinet role in a school system. This includes continued support with letters of recommendation, resume/interview coaching, career management conversations about potential roles, connecting with other professional development opportunities, etc.

The amount of experience and growth and development I have been afforded because of the Fellowship is immeasurable.
— 2015 Cohort Fellow