Leslie Garner Franklin

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Current Role: Design Researcher, EchoUser

Fellowship Role: Executive Director of Instruction, Innovation, and Social Justice, San Francisco Unified School District

Pre-Fellowship Role: Chief of Staff, Regional Senior Vice President, Midwestern Regions, Teach For America

Teach For America Alumni: St. Louis 2004

Leslie Garner Franklin is currently a Design Researcher at EchoUser. After the Fellowship, Leslie founded and was an independent education consultant with Makyago. During the Fellowship, she served as San Francisco Unified School District's (SFUSD) Executive Director, Instruction, Innovation, and Social Justice, leading the district’s innovation strategy. She also played a lead role in architecting the district’s multi-tiered system of supports, including designing a differentiated approach to the $715M district budgeting and resource allocation process. In addition to the strategy functions of her work, Leslie directly supported the Deputy Superintendent and managed a variety of cross-functional projects that straddle the organization’s facilities, internal communications, school support, and professional learning functions. Prior to joining SFUSD, Leslie worked at Teach For America for five years, serving as Chief of Staff to the Regional Senior Vice President of Midwestern Regions, Managing Director of Alumni and Community Engagement, and Manager of District and School Partnerships for the Bay Area region. In 2013, Leslie attended Harvard’s Public Education Leadership Project.

Leslie holds a B.A.S. in Journalism and Communications Media from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an M.A. in Teaching from Webster University.